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Happy Father’s Day!

It has been another busy month at Widgets, but a fun one nonetheless! We have had a few new families join us and we are enjoying getting to know them all. We welcome all our new families and children and hope their stay at Widgets is a long and happy one.

Happy Father’s Day!
We would sincerely like to wish all our fathers a very Happy Father’s Day this weekend! We hope you enjoy the day with your families, and that the rain stays away!

Sick Children Procedure
If your child is unable to attend care due to sickness or other circumstances, we would appreciate a call of a morning to notify us that your child will not be attending. Thank you to those families who already do this.

If your child is unwell, it is centre policy that a doctor’s certificate showing clearance is brought in on his/her next day of attendance in order to prove that your child is well enough to attend care, without putting other children at risk.

Our Skinny Fruit Bowl
Thank you to those families who regularly bring in a piece of fruit for our morning and afternoon teas, we do appreciate it! Our fruit bowl has been looking a little skinny lately so if you have a piece of fruit you can bring in to teach your children about healthy eating, that would be fantastic!

Please feel free to email us with any questions, comments or feedback.

Happy reading!
Sylvia 🙂