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Sun Protection and Vitamin D

Even though it is winter, children (and adults!) need protection from UV rays which are still prevalent despite the lack of sunshine around. Children and staff still apply sunscreen during the winter months, and we’ve included a guide below on how much sun exposure which sufficiently give children their daily dose of Vitamin D.

From October to March:
10 minutes in mid-morning or mid-afternoon

In April, May, August, September:
15 minutes in mid-morning or mid-afternoon

In June and July:
30-40 minutes in the middle of the day for people living in Southern NSW, and 20-25 minutes in mid-morning or mid-afternoon for people living in Northern and Far Western NSW.

The good news is that these Vitamin D requirements are easily attained in an early learning centre setting, as our children spend 60-90 minutes outdoors, and even with sun protection, they are still receiving sufficient levels of Vitamin D.

Source: www.cancercouncil.com.au/sunsmart-childcare