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YAY! Winter is finally over and Spring is here!

First I would like to introduce our new friends to the Caterpillar room, Eric, Elias and Leigh. They have made lots of friends already. Over the last month the Caterpillars have mainly been focusing on their colours. We have been doing lots of colour art projects. Lately each week we have been having a colour theme. So far we have had an Orange Dress Up Day, and in that week we had a look at all the different things that were orange including fruit. Just recently we have had purple which all of our friends participated in. It was lovely to see all the different types of outfits. I want to take this time to thank parents for participating in this. It is much appreciated. Our next two colours will be yellow and blue 🙂

It’s lovely to see our class mascot Blue having some great adventures with our different friends going to lots of new places and seeing new friends. So I want to thank parents for that as well as it means a lot to us.

If anyone has any question about their child’s learning, please don’t hesitate to ask, and if you want your child to be learning about something specific please speak to me or another member of our staff.

Just as a friendly reminder, it is cold in the mornings but getting warmer in the afternoons, so we are suggesting that parents pack a change of clothes. Thank you so much for sending in sheets for rest time as well. Thank you for filling in the family input sheets. This always helps us to extend on your child’s learning and teach them new things.

I would also like to mention that one of our Caterpillars, Erik S, has a new brother Marko. So we would like to send a big CONGRATULATIONS to his mum and dad 🙂

Thank you, Sarah xoxo