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Hello to all our fantastic parents,

Our Caterpillars are continuing to be a lovely bunch. This last month has been fantastic for all of our friends. The children have been taking a GREAT interest in the new Disney movie ‘Frozen’. We have been singing and dancing to the songs, doing crafts such as frozen paint, snow flakes and painting ‘Olaf’ the snowman. We even made snow to play with to build up our sensory skill.

We have also been looking at superheroes as a lot of our friends like to dress up as their favourite characters. This provided us a chance to have a dress up day. We had princesses and heroes. It was fantastic to see all our friends dressed up and our teachers enjoyed getting dressed up as well.

Lots of our friends have been going to birthday parties and cooking over the weekends, so we have been making cupcakes and talking about how they have to go in an oven to be cooked. We are going to look at different things that we cook and how they can be cooked etc. We have also been looking at different countries and their cultures. We were lucky enough to have Izzah and Ayra’s mum come in and show us what Henna is and why they do it- thank you!

I want to give a big thanks to all the parents and Caterpillars for taking care of our lovely mascot Blue or ‘Bluey’ as she has been called. Reading and seeing what adventures she has been on has been fantastic.

It is nearing the end of winter but us still very cold on some days, and because it’s still flu season we ask that parents please remember to bring jumpers for those extra cold days.

Thank you again for all the help and support you have given us.

Kind regards,
Miss Sarah 🙂