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Hello! I can’t believe how fast this year is going already! The children have been expanding their learning outcomes so well and have enjoyed learning new things. Recently, we have been learning lots of fun new things and revisiting things that they have already learnt and refreshing our memory. We have been talking about healthy foods, doing healthy food collages, naming healthy food eg, apples, grapes, strawberry, watermelon, orange, pears etc. Educators also take the opportunity to speak to the children about healthy eating during meal times and encourage the children to talk about what they are eating.

We have also been expanding our confidence as learners as we participate in science experiments. The children have had a great time participating and contributing to the experiences where they have the opportunity to explore their experimentation, trial and error and problem solving skills and also explore different textures and see the process that is made for making things such as play dough, coloured water frizzing etc. These types of experiments encourage the children to feel a sense of pride and accomplishment knowing that they made the product and had some input in it.

The children have also been exploring and expanding on their knowledge of nature and are developing respect for the world around them. The children have also been doing a fantastic job and exploring their confidence and have been expressing their verbal ideas in group time discussions. Miss Paige and I are so very proud of the children and all that they have achieved. We were very excited about our excursion to Sefton Pharmacy where we learnt about medicine and what pharmacists do. The children have been interested in doctor play and exploring their role play skills as they know what to do when they are at the doctors and also that the doctor gives them medicine. We have also been speaking to the children about road safety and the children know that they have to hold their educators and peers hands and we have been practicing in doing so.

Just a few reminders if families could please provide a flat and fitted sheet, a hat, sunscreen and spare clothes for their children thank you to all who already provide these and please label all your children’s belongings.

Cindy 🙂