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We have been very busy in the Butterfly Room over the last month. So many fun things have been happening and the children have been doing a fantastic job of exploring their learning outcomes and have enjoyed learning new things.

Recently, we have been learning and expanding on our knowledge on things like water safety. The children have been doing a fantastic job of remembering our water safety rules eg, swimming between the flags, no swimming without an adult, and when they are in trouble to wave their hands up in the air and yelling out HELP really loud.

We have also been learning about Reconciliation Week and the children have done a fantastic job of exploring the Aboriginal culture by doing paintings like, dot paintings, boomerangs, Aboriginal Flags and drawing their own kangaroos.

The children have lots of fun choosing activities which they like to play with and it also encourages the children to expand their learning through play. Some of these experiences include: shop play, doctor play, hair shop play where the children can explore their role play skills and also imitate real life experiences. We have also been practising our knowledge of shapes, colours, numbers, the children are exploring their knowledge in these areas so well, by doing things such as shape sorters, counting games, and in everyday learning and play.

We have also been refreshing our knowledge of fire safety and what to do in fire safety situations. We know that if there is a fire we have to call 000 and get out of the house. We know that the fire men and ladies come to put out the fire. We also practised what to do if our clothes are on fire- “we have to stop, drop, cover and roll”, and if there is a fire above us we need to “get down low and go, go, go”. The children are very good at this, ask them to show you at home! We also practised our evacuation technique so the children know how to go out of the room and when they are supposed to sit. We are really proud of the children and how far they are coming in their learning.

Just a quick reminder, if families could please provide a hat if you haven’t already (this can be left at school if you wish), spare clothes, especially jumpers and long pants now that winter is here. Also, please remember to label all of your children’s belongings.

Thank you,
Cindy 🙂