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A lot has been happening in the Butterfly Room over the past month. The children have been learning new things and having lots of fun doing it. We are currently learning about different cultures and countries and Ayra’s mummy even came to do a traditional form of henna tattoo on Miss Cindy, Miss Sarah and Ayra, all of the children liked seeing how the henna is done. If any families have an aspect of their culture that they would like to share with the educators and children please feel free to organise this with Cindy, Sylvia or Mimi. We are also had a multicultural day where we encouraged all the children to come dressed in traditional clothes or the colours of their country.

We have also been focusing on our interest in superheroes and princesses which the children had great fun with. Miss Cindy has also been showing us YouTube video’s on superheroes and princesses. When Miss Cindy showed “Let It Go” from Frozen on YouTube the children had great fun dancing around and singing “Let It Go”, it’s so cute and they know all the words and dance moves. We also had great fun at our superhero/princess dress up day. I would like to thank all the children and families who dressed their children up. The children had loads of fun and we had a good variety of different superheroes and princesses.

In our everyday learning we have been refining our knowledge of shapes, colours, counting, exploring our creative skills and exploring our confidence as learners as we explore our experimentation, trial and error and problem solving skills as we did a colour explosion experience where the children got to see how the colour erupts when vinegar is tipped into bi-carb soda. We are currently making our Father’s Day craft, we can’t wait to give them to our daddy’s and we hope you enjoy them as much as we have enjoyed making them for our daddy’s. The Butterflies would like to take this opportunity to wish all the daddy’s, poppies and uncles a very Happy Father’s Day 2014.

The children who are exploring their writing skills have also have been doing a fantastic job tracing over letters that their educators make and also the children are encouraged to write the letters and words free hand, educators offer support and assistance whenever required.

Until next month,
Miss Cindy 🙂